Six Deals You Need To Know About In Australia Today

Six Deals You Need To Know About In Australia Today

Being stuck at home poses some challenges. Eating well, enjoying the outdoors and staying fit get much harder when you don’t feel like leaving your home. So, today’s deals are focused on those things – enjoying your time at home and making the most of the coronavirus lock-in.

1. Komodo Outdoor Cantilever Umbrella: With many of us expecting to spend more time at home, our backyards are going to become super important as a space to get some air and to find some space to be alone. This umbrella will provide shelter from sun and rain so you can relax outdoors when you need some time away from others in your home. The price has already been dropped from $129 to under $60 but you can save another 10% if you use the code SUNSHINE. Head over to Kogan for this deal.

2. Kitchen Couture 3.4L Air Fryer: We’re all going to be doing a little less eating out and lot more home cooking. An air fryer is a great way to enjoy fried foods without the fat and oil that’s going to leave us all a little thicker though the middle after a few weeks of staying home. This unit is just $53 – down from $349. Grab this deal at Catch.

3. USB-C Superdrive External DVD/CD Reader and DVD/CD Burner : While bandwidth is getting crunched, you may find that shelf of DVD movies that’s been gathering dust will become more attractive. But chances are your computer doesn’t have an optical drive. This USB-C external drive will let you watch your favourite shows and movies from your PC. It’s just $67.91 – but get in fast. Amazon is the place to be for this offer.

4. Workoutwiz Elliptical Cross Trainer: The Workoutwiz lets you burn up to 800 calories an hour while lightening the load on your knees and other joints. It also boasts anchor points for exercise bands so you can give your body an all over workout. The price has been slashed from almost $600 to less than $220.Bolt over to Ebay for this deal.

5. Gorilla Power 10-Port 60W USB Charging Hub: With everyone stuck at home, finding places to charge all your smartphones, tablets, portable gaming devices and other stuff could be tricky. But this charging station lets you connect up to ten devices at once. It’s just $49.99, down from almost $80.

6. Ecovacs DEEBOT OZMO920 Robotic Vacuum Cleaner: You’ve seen the meme – we’re not being called to war; we’re being asked to stay home, Netflix and chill. But the housework still needs to be done. The Ecovacs Deebot OZMO920 can vacuum and mop to get rid of the chip crumbs, spilled drinks and other refuse from your enforced home stay. Almost a third has been sucked off the price, bringing this smart cleaning robot down to just $689.Head to Amazon for this one.

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