Six Deals You Need To Know About In Australia Today

Six Deals You Need To Know About In Australia Today
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With all of us spending more time at home, we’ll need to find ways to keep busy as the amount of work we have starts to peter out. Perhaps it’s all those odd jobs around the house or maybe finding new ways to spend quality time with family during forced or voluntary isolation. Here are some deals to help you pass the time.

1. Cordless Matrix 20V Drill Li-Ion Lithium Electric Power Tool (Skin Only): Once you apply the “PMID20” discount code, this 20V cordless drill will set you back just $36 – a hefty saving from the RRP of $90. Sure, you’ll need to buy a battery for it as well but this is a pretty awesome deal. Head over to Ebay for this deal.

2. Samsung 28″ UHD Monitor: If you’re upping your home office game, a decent monitor is a must. While HD was the standard a year or two ago, going the UHD road is a better long-term option. This 28-inch display pushes the pixels out at a resolution of 3840 x 2160 – enough to see more of a spreadsheet than you ever wanted, a couple of document pages side by side or the latest Netflix release in 4K glory. At under $450, this is a great display and is easier to manage than two smaller ones for a similar result. You’ll find this deal at Catch.

3. Free kids movies on Amazon Prime: If you need some help keeping the kids busy over the next few weeks, Amazon has made a stack of its family movie library free for non subscribers. Head over to Amazon Prime for this offer.

4. High Gloss White Storage Computer Study Desk with Bookshelf Workstation: If you need to set up a home office in a hurry (there’s a bit of the going around at the moment) this looks like a good deal. For under $300 when you use the PMID20 discount code at checkout, you can score a desk with plenty of storage space with drawers and shelves. You get a metre of desk space as well as ample room for all your work-related bits and pieces.Boost your office game at Ebay .

5. Logitech MK220 Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Combo: While you’re setting up the home office or a new study space for the kids, you may need an extra external keyboard and mouse combo. Logitech gear is always good and for just $34, this wireless combo is perfect.Pop into Harvey Norman for this offer.

6. Casio CTS100BK Casiotone Keyboard: If you caught yesterday’s offer of free piano lessons yesterday then you may be on the hunt for a piano or keyboard. If you’re starting out, the Casio CTS100BK is a good place to start. And it’s battery powered so you can practice outside, away from everyone else or you can connect a set of headphones.Tune into JBHiFi for this deal.

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