If You Feel Like Crap, This Site Can Help 

Whether you’re depressed, or sick, or feeling crappy for reasons unknown, it’s important to take care of yourself. Block out a little bit of time, maybe a few times a day, to click on over to YouFeelLikeShit.com.

YouFeelLikeShit.com takes you through an interactive flowchart: have you eaten recently? Have you taken your meds? Grab a glass of water now. Do you need a nap? Are you in pain?

Each step has helpful suggestions, but the authors are clear that this is not a replacement for proper health care or therapy. It's just a way to get you through the next few hours without forgetting to take care of yourself.

How To Feed Yourself When You're Depressed

Eating is a prerequisite for life, so it makes perverse sense that, for many people, it's among the first victims of a depressive episode. Here are some tips on how to eat when you're feeling depressed.

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