If You Feel Like Crap, This Site Can Help 

If You Feel Like Crap, This Site Can Help 

Whether you’re depressed, or sick, or feeling crappy for reasons unknown, it’s important to take care of yourself. Block out a little bit of time, maybe a few times a day, to click on over to YouFeelLikeShit.com.

YouFeelLikeShit.com takes you through an interactive flowchart: have you eaten recently? Have you taken your meds? Grab a glass of water now. Do you need a nap? Are you in pain?

Each step has helpful suggestions, but the authors are clear that this is not a replacement for proper health care or therapy. It’s just a way to get you through the next few hours without forgetting to take care of yourself.

How To Feed Yourself When You're Depressed

Eating is a prerequisite for life, so it makes perverse sense that, for many people, it's among the first victims of a depressive episode. Here are some tips on how to eat when you're feeling depressed.

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