How To Snooze Emails In Gmail For iOS And Android

How To Snooze Emails In Gmail For iOS And Android

Google has a great feature you probably don’t know about it. Forget about all the usual tools, the most exciting feature is the ability to snooze important emails. If you’re a procrastinator like me, but you prefer checking your email on a smartphone, you aren’t out of luck. The Gmail app for iOS and Android has a snooze feature.

Snoozing emails is a great tool if there’s something you want to deal with later, but don’t want to lose it to your overflowing inbox. The message simply disappears from your inbox until a specific time. That could be later in the day when you aren’t as busy or on Sunday evening when you’re getting ready for the upcoming week.

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To snooze any email from your smartphone, start by launching the Gmail app and opening up the message you want to deal with later. Tap on the menu icon (a row of three dots), and you should see a list of options with Snooze at or near the top. Tap on that.

From here, you can pick exactly when you want the email to resurface. Google offers some preset options (tomorrow at 6pm, this weekend at 8am, or next week), but you can also schedule the message to appear at a specific date and time. Once you tap on an option, the email vanishes, but if you’re feeling antsy you can always pull up a snoozed email early by searching for it in your inbox.

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