How To Cope With A Mayo Shortage

How To Cope With A Mayo Shortage
Photo: A.A. Newton

This morning, I heard terrible news. Apparently there is something of a mayo shortage going on right now, with not a jar to be found on the shelves of many stores across the U.S. Luckily, there are many ways to make your own mayonnaise, and I have taken the liberty of rounding them up for you.

If you’re a Duke’s stan

This tastes almost exactly like the real thing, but I prefer the smoother, lighter texture you get from raw eggs. Commercially-produced mayo uses pasteurised eggs, which increase shelf life and generally make for a thicker final product with a pronounced “wobble.” If you need that wobble—or you’re worried about salmonella—you can totally pasteurize eggs at home, though I can’t say I’ve ever bothered.

If you don’t have an electric mixer of any kind

Photo: Claire Lower

Because hand beating is a much slower process—especially if you have to take breaks to rest your wrist—patience is key in keeping your mayo from breaking, but using whole eggs and Dijon mustard can make things a bit less touchy.

If you want to get indulgent with duck fat

Photo: Claire Lower

The duck fat mayo has a smoky, slightly meaty, umami-rich flavour that has me dreaming of simple tomato sandwiches and piles of potato salad. I wouldn’t hate it as a base for a creamy salad dressing either. (I don’t think I’d use it in a cake, though; the plain stuff works best there.)

If you want something cheesy

Photo: Claire Lower

Cheese mayo is exactly what it sounds like—mayonnaise with cheese blended into it. Created by Chef Chris Kronner for his extremely extra Kronnerburger (it comes with bone marrow), the cheesy sauce was designed to complement the Kronner’s dry-aged patty, rather than obscure it. It also keeps everything nice and creamy; mayo doesn’t congeal like a slice of cheddar would.

If you just made a bunch of bacon

It’s truly one of the best ways to use up bacon grease.


  • You can not made real mayo without eggs. But the author has mentioned some really good “work arounds ”

    I was surprised to see my Woolies out of stock of eggs last weekend. I suppose one can not make chickens lay faster 🙂

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