How To Clean Every Type Of Coffee Maker

How To Clean Every Type Of Coffee Maker
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What kind of coffee maker do you prefer? Chemex? Drip maker? Aeropress? Nespresso? French press? Perhaps you prefer a cold brewer? As many types of coffee makers as there are, there are also ways to clean them. To get the most flavour (and least amount of old coffee residue) in each cup of joe, follow the cleaning methods outlined in the video above.

But first, a note about coffee filters. We’ve previously covered how they are useful for cleaning all over your home. Just be sure to always empty the used filter in the trash before cleaning the coffee maker, as coffee grounds can clog a sink.

Drip maker

Calcium deposits build up in drip coffee makers if not cleaned regularly. Luckily, white vinegar is ideal for clearing them out.

Fill the water chamber with equal parts water and white vinegar. Brew half a pot, then stop the brewing and let the maker cool down for an hour. This allows the vinegar to get to work on any remnants inside the machine. After an hour, brew the rest of the pot, discard the vinegar solution, and brew another full pot with clean water.

For cleaning the pot itself, you can put it in the dishwasher, or use a magic eraser.


Also known by the brand name, Chemex, these glass canisters stain easily. Just fill with warm water and dissolve two effervescent tablets inside. Then rinse and dry.

Cold brewer

Because they need to sit for several hours to extract coffee flavour, these tall pitchers (whether plastic or glass) can turn brown easily. For a glass cold brewer, repeat the same method as for the pour-over. For plastic, pour in ice, dish soap, and rock salt and shake to remove stains. Alternatively, you could use soapy water and rice for the same effect.

Pod brewer

Remove the pod and fill the water chamber with white vinegar. Keep brewing cups until the chamber is empty. Then fill the chamber with clean water and brew another cup.

French Press

This one couldn’t be easier. Fill halfway with soapy water and plunge up and down. Then just rinse and dry.

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  • “Every”… except one actually pictured in the video thumbnail, except another mentioned in the description, and except several of the most common coffee maker types in the world…

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