Follow The Joy Of Cooking Twitter Account For Tips While You’re Socially Distancing

Beyond health and safety concerns, one of the biggest sources of anxiety for people right now is keeping themselves and their families fed. While it’s easy to invest in a whole bunch of dried pasta and beans, buying vegetables, storing perishables, and planning meals can feel a bit confusing. Luckily the editors of the Joy of Cooking are dispensing some truly helpful food tips on via their Twitter account.

So far they’ve posted two fire threads—one on perishables and one on meal planning. The meal planning thread was particularly helpful to me, as I tend to shop several times a week for whatever I need for a day or two, rather than plan for an entire seven days of eating.

Rather than make one big batch of a single dish, the editors of Joy recommend what they call a “holistic approach to cooking” which is about “economizing time, effort, and money while eating a more varied diet.” Instead of saddling yourself with endless servings of one thing—which can get monotonous—they focus on “cooking more than you need for one meal, using what you already have, and repurposing foods you’ve already cooked.” It is, as they explain, a continuum.

In addition to the threads they’ve posted so far, they’re also taking questions, so feel free to “at” them if you find yourself stumped, panicked, or uninspired (about food).


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