Don’t Throw Out Prepaid Debit Cards When They’re Done

Don’t Throw Out Prepaid Debit Cards When They’re Done
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If you were gifted a prepaid debit card at any point this year you may want to reconsider throwing them out when you finally decide to de-clutter your wallet, instead save the card even when its balance is spent.

Apartment Therapy offers a couple of situations in which the used-up card would be helpful, or even necessary:

First of all, if you end up getting a refund or rebate for your purchase, it may go directly onto the card before you have a chance to ask the merchant to process things otherwise. If the card is gone, so is your refund.

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You can also use the empty card as a dummy card for signing up for free trials. Lots of free trials automatically kick in with a monthly or annual charge once your try-out is over. Sure, you can set calendar reminders for yourself to cancel the service, but signing up with an unchargeable card is good insurance.

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