Coconut Water Is Not Actually Good For You

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In recent years coconut water has left the palm-treed shores of tropical islands where tourists on lounge chairs stick straws straight into the fruit, and exploded onto supermarket shelves — helped along by beverage giants such as Coca-Cola and PepsiCo.

Coconut Water Doesn't Hydrate You Better Than Water During Exercise

Coconut water is touted as a healthier alternative to sports drinks like Gatorade to hydrate you "better" and replenish those lost electrolytes from hard workouts. For casual exercising, though, coconut water isn't necessarily a smarter choice than plain water.

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Marketed as a natural health drink, brands spout various health claims promoting coconut water. So before we drank the Kool-Aid, we thought we’d check in with the experts whether the nutritional claims stack up. Is coconut water part of a healthy diet or we should just stick to good old water from the tap?

We asked five experts if coconut water is good for you.

Four out of five experts said no

Here are their detailed responses:

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