Telstra Mobile Plans Are Crazy Cheap Right Now

Telstra Mobile Plans Are Crazy Cheap Right Now
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Telstra used to be the “boujee” network for cashed-up boomers. If you were under 40 (and not living rurally), you’d usually go with someone cheaper.

But that perception is starting to change. Last year, Telstra reinvented itself as a genuinely affordable provider — and it just knocked a further $10 off prepaid plans to cement its position further. Here are the details.

For a limited time until 30 March, Telstra is reducing the price of nearly all postpaid phone plans by $10. That’s a saving for $120 over the course of 12 months. (The only plan that isn’t included is the entry-level 15GB offering.)

Here are the available plans. Click on our interactive table to learn more about each option:

The standout deal here is the 60GB option for $50 per month. That’s an excellent cost-to-gigabyte ratio for a contract free mobile plan, especially when it’s coming from Telstra. The 100GB option also isn’t bad – it’s now down to $70.

” excerpt=”Telstra has vastly simplified its mobile business, with all existing plans replaced by four contract-free options. That’s right: all 12- and 24-month contract plans are set to be axed, along with smartphone leases. Here’s how much the new plans cost, the inclusions you get and what happens to your existing plan.”]

Cheap Telstra phone deals

The discount also applies to devices, so if you’re looking to pick up a new handset on the Telstra network, now is the time to act. Here are some popular options:

Now for the catch. (There’s always a catch with Telstra.) The discounted price only applies for the first 12 months of your plan. After that, you’re back to paying an extra ten bucks per month.

However, all Telstra plans are now contract-free so you’re free to cancel as soon as the promotion ends. (You might even be able to convince Telstra to extend the deal by threatening to walk.)

Just be aware that you’ll obviously need to pay off the remainder of the phone if you choose a device plan and then cancel.


  • I’m a bit puzzled by a quote in the çheap Telstra Mobile Plans, Best Telstra phone plans’.
    This statement ‘and it just knocked a further $10 off prepaid plans to cement its position further.’ (my bold).
    On, I cannot find any discount on prepaid plans, are you sure you got that right?

  • Ok, first up I’m a Telstra customer and all in all I think they they out class Optus in my area and are definitely worth the premium cost, any price reduction only puts them further ahead. Interestingly on a recent brief holiday at Kings Canyon in central Australia I found the only available mobile service was Optus. Great holiday after I got over the shock.

  • That’s a lot of money to just say you are with Telstra but to each their own.

    Can’t go past Kogan and Boosts offerings for the moment.

    Even Vodafone has some good ones.

    Definitely below $30/month.

    • I wouldn’t touch Optus with a steaming turd.
      (1) I’d have to pick up the turd myself, which I’m not going to do
      (2) I switched once, about a year ago and it was the worst goddamned experience of my life. Went back to Tesltra after a month.

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