62 Food Names You're Probably Mispronouncing

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There is no "ch" or "sh" sound in bruschetta. Hummus rhymes with "doofus". And croissant definitely doesn't have an audible "t". These are just some of the famous-food pronunciations that people regularly screw up. (Don't get us started on "gyro".)

Fortunately, it's not too late to education your tongue while tantalising your taste buds. This handy infographic explains all the mistakes you've been making in restaurants - and how to correct them.

The graphic below was put together by The Holiday Place in a bid to help English-speaking overseas travellers. However, the information is just as helpful when you're ordering foreign food off a local menu. (Unless your waiter is ignorant, that is - I was once tersely corrected after saying 'bruschetta' properly. Tch, eh?)

In addition to food, the infographic also contains a bunch of alcoholic beverages. Commit them to memory and never feel nervous about ordering a Lillet wine again.

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    1. What idiot makes a list like this and sorts it by country of origin?
    2. Hummus rhymes with "doofus". It really doesn't.

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