Windows 10 Is About To Get A New Browser (Whether You Want It Or Not)

Windows 10 Is About To Get A New Browser (Whether You Want It Or Not)
Image: Microsoft

Microsoft has released its new Google Chromium-based browser into the wild and to everyone’s surprise, it’s actual pretty good. Now, the company will be adding it to upcoming Windows 10 updates so you’ll have to join the part or uninstall it out of spite.

Microsoft’s Edge Chromium was released back in January 2020 giving the horrid browser a much-needed face (and features) lift. The browser now offers much of Google Chrome’s friendly usability with the convenience of some of Microsoft’s features.

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While you can just update the browser right now, Microsoft has announced its will begin including automatic updates of the browser in upcoming Windows 10 versions, starting with the Insiders program.

“If you’d prefer not to install Microsoft Edge manually, you can wait for it to be installed in a future update to Windows 10, following our measured roll-out approach over the next several months. We will start to migrate Windows 10 customers to the new Microsoft Edge in the coming weeks, starting with a subset of Windows Insiders in the Release Preview ring,” a Windows blog outlined.

“The automatic rollout will maintain your default browser setting – if your default is currently set to a browser other than Microsoft Edge, your setting will carry over once the new Microsoft Edge is installed.”

So, at least the good part is it won’t replace your current browser preferences, which is handy. Nobody wants to boot up their computer and find Microsoft has forced them to use Edge — no matter how much better it may now be.

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Microsoft plans to roll out Edge via a Windows Update on January 15. We’ve had a great time playing around with it since the Chromium version of the browser debuted in April, and we’ll probably have even more to say before its official release next month. But it’s also OK to not want another browser on your desktop or laptop—unfortunately, you don’t get much of a choice in the matter.

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