Today I Discovered The CSIRO Basically Invented Twisties

Australia’s scientific gem, the CSIRO, is responsible for a lot of great Australian inventions. Wifi, plastic banknotes, Aerogard and broccoli powder : all CSIRO. But there’s one invention the scientific agency had a hand that trumps them all (sorta) — Twisties.

Look, we might’ve overstated it actually inventing the deliciously cheesy snack but the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO) did play an important role in making it a reality. Twisties inventor, Isador Magid from Melbourne, got herself a food extruder from the US in the 1950s but it didn’t work very well. He got in contact with the CSIRO who helped give him crucial advice regarding production.

“We were involved in the invention of Twisties,” a CSIRO tweet back in early February said.

“Twisties needed a complicated and special process. The initial machine ‘ruddy well didn’t work.’ The inventor got in contact with us. We told him how to change the process to create the chip we all love.”

Magid went on to sell the brand to Darrell Lea in 1955 and it was later purchased by The Smith’s Snackfood Company in the 1990s, where it’s been since.

Lifehacker Australia has contacted the CSIRO to see if it could offer any more information around the specifics it provided Magid. For a friend, of course.

[referenced url=”” thumb=”×231.jpg” title=”CSIRO’s Lab-Grown Meat Alternative Is Ready For Prime Time” excerpt=”There is a revolution taking place in burger joints and supermarkets across Australia. Plant products that taste and behave like meat are increasingly making their way onto the plates of consumers as concern grows over the environmental impact of food production. This week the CSIRO launched its plant-based meat venture, v2food. Over the next year we plan to develop a range of wholly Australian meat alternatives to be sold in supermarkets and restaurants across the country. The products include protein from legumes, fibre from plants, and oils from sunflower and coconut.”]


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