The Most Complained-About Companies In NSW

The Most Complained-About Companies In NSW
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Even the most-respected of companies disappoint us sometimes and when that happens, there are complaints registers available for us around the country to air our frustrations or injustices. NSW Fair Trading has recently released the complaints for December 2019 and while there are a few usual suspects, a number of others made the cut too.

According to their own estimates, NSW Fair Trading, the state’s consumer rights regulator, receives around 45,000 online complaints and 40,000 phone enquiries annually. It then publishes the companies to receive the most each month so you can take a look at who’s treating people unfairly and weigh up whether you want to avoid being another complainant.

For December 2019, the company to receive the most complaints was Kogan with 25 while Apple and Samsung Electronics rounded out equal second 22 grievances. Both Jetstar and Qantas, its parent company, sat 11 complaints each for the month.

When it came to Kogan, the breakdown showed a majority of them — 15 — were related to the quality of the products received. For the last 24 months, 250 of its 382 complaints were also related to quality. For Apple and Samsung Electronics, quality of goods was also their highest level of complaints shortly followed by quality of service for Apple and supply of goods for Samsung Electronics, respectively.

For Jetstar, most of the complaints were directed at requests for refund with quality of service trailing behind. Over the past 24 months, Qantas faced 45 complaints for supply of goods/services and requests for refund out of an overall total of 181.

JB Hi-Fi might be loved for its tongue-in-cheek reviews but it didn’t save them from receiving 21 complaints in December 2019 and a total of 222‬ over the past 24 months. The majority of them were related to product quality.

Just remember, the next time you feel hard done by a company, make your frustration constructive and drop your state or territory’s regulatory body a line. People do take note of it.

The list of companies who received the most complaints in NSW

  • Kogan: 25
  • Apple: 22
  • Samsung Electronics: 22
  • JB Hi-Fi: 21
  • JQZ Group: 19
  • Harvey Norman: 17
  • The Good Guys: 17
  • Freedom Furniture: 14
  • Tru Water Filters: 14
  • Bing Lee: 12
  • Ebay: 12
  • Yellow Live: 12
  • Jetstar: 11
  • Qantas: 11
  • 10
  • Party Supplies Now: 10

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