How To Get The Most Out Of Cheap Steak

How To Get The Most Out Of Cheap Steak

We’ve previously covered in detail how best to handle steaks

While a large variety of beef cuts exist, they can be split into two groups — cheap and expensive.

The clip above explains how to get the most out of budget meats such as chuck and flap steaks, before moving onto your more pricier fare like the ever-delicious eye fillet (called a tenderloin in the US).

As a general rule of thumb, your cheap beef is best marinated, used in stews or as base of some sort. For your better cuts, you want to cook those properly on a cast-iron frying pan with simple seasoning — you can get away with just salt — so the natural flavour can do the talking.

How To Cook A Cheap Steak Vs. An Expensive Steak [YouTube]

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