PSA: Beer Just Got More Expensive In Australia

For some, it’s liquid gold. For others, it’s liquid Vegemite. But whatever your feelings on beer, every Australian will now pay a little more for substance from 3 February 2020. Here’s why.

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From 3 February 2020, the cost of beer in Australia will rise with the rate of indexation. This rise sits at 1.012 but the prices are calculated on the litre. This means beer less than 3 per cent in strength and pumped through a tap, like at your local bar, will now cost suppliers $8.81 per litre — a 10 cent rise from August 2019 rates. These prices will likely then be passed onto the consumers — you. Other changes include increases to bottled and canned beer as well as stronger beers under 10 per cent.

You can blame it on Excise Tariff Act 1921, which sees the cost of beer rise with indexation every six months at the start of February and August.

According to a Finder comparison of beer prices around the world, while Australia’s exorbitant taxes might sting wallets around the country, we’re far from the most expensive.

The comparison found the most expensive place for a pint was UAE’s Dubai with a steep $15.10. The Nordic countries, Iceland and Norway, followed closely behind with New York City and Paris still beating out Sydney’s $7.87 average cost.

At the bottom end, Venezuela’s Caracas topped the world’s cheapest beer haven with $0.92 as the average cost for a pint. Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam averaged $1.23 a pint with Bulgaria’s Sofia at $2.04.

While I won’t be cheers-ing the eight cent increase, I’ll enjoy my slightly more expensive beer knowing it could always be worse.

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