Plex’s New Free Streaming Service Has Arrived in Australia – Here’s How It Works

Plex has been a long-time favourite for those wanting to manage and share their media library. The platform has offered access to movie purchases and rentals for some time but the company has now ventured into the increasingly cluttered streaming game. And if you can handle the occasional ad, the service is totally free.

How do I access the free Plex streaming service

Access to the free Plex streaming service is simple.

Launch the Plex app on your device – it’s not available on the Mac client yet but that’s coming.

Look down the menu on the left side of the screen and tap on “Movies & TV on Plex”. You don’t need a paid subscription or access to Plex Pass.

What’s on the free Plex streaming service

Plex boasts that it has content from some significant studios including MGM, Lionsgate, and Warner Bros. And while that’s true, don’t expect to find any A List movies. And I’d suggest the B and C lists are a bit of a stretch as well.

The library is extensive but a look at this week’s “Picks of the Week” didn’t reveal anything I recognised. So, while some big name studios are offering content, it’s very much a case of them offering content that I imagine no-one else really wanted.

However, if you like classic movies and TV shows, there are a few nuggets worth digging for such as the old western TV series Bonanza, a pretty extensive library of zombie flicks and some interesting documentaries. There are also lots of concert selections with artists such as Adele and Katy Perry.

Should you bother with the free Plex streaming service

To be honest, I wouldn’t go to the trouble of downloading and installing Plex to access any of this content. Between Netflix, Disney Plus, Stan and Amazon, I’ve got more than enough content to keep me entertained. But I’ve been a long-time Plex user, with the server running on my NAS and the app installed to most of the devices in the house. So accessing the ad-supported service doesn’t really add any extra effort.

If you’re bored and feel like watching some older movies that night have slipped by it’s not a terrible option. But you get a whole lot more great content from a service like Disney Plus for less than a cup of coffee and slice of cake each month.


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