How To Parallel Park Perfectly Every Time

How To Parallel Park Perfectly Every Time

Finding parking is always a hassle, but perfectly parallel parking? That seems almost impossible.

If you street park a car in a large city, you may dread every time you switch on your blinkers and start to back up. So, in order to ease all this pain and frustration, we teamed up with our dear friends at Jalopnik to put together this easy video guide on how to parallel park like a pro.

Our car expert, Andrew P. Collins, demonstrates each step of the process:

  • Make sure the spot is large enough to fit your car. If your car is roughly the same length as one of the cars on either side of the spot, try to visualise the other car fitting in there.

  • Line up your rear bumper with the rear bumper of the car in front. Again, if that car is about the same length as yours, you can just align your wing mirrors with theirs.

  • Get as close to the car in front as possible. Many guides say keep a two-foot distance, but we advise you to get as close as you can.

  • Then turn the wheel all the way towards the curb and back up.

  • Watch the car behind you in your rear view mirror. It should start on one side of the mirror, and as you back up, travel across the mirror to the other side. Stop when you only see half of the car behind you on the opposite end of the mirror.

  • Straighten out your steering wheel and continue to back up until you clear the car in front.

  • Then turn your wheel all the way away from the curb and continue back. Get as close to the rear car as possible.

  • Then just go forward and straighten out.

You’re done! No scratches on any car, and any passing pedestrians will be instantly impressed by your skills.


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