How To Keep Your Soup Bowl From Sliding Around The Plate

A lot of soups are best when accompanied by some sort of dipper. Chicken noodle loves a saltine, and creamy tomato begs for a grilled cheese sandwich. The soup goes in a bowl, and the bowl goes on a plate, nestled next to its accompaniment. It’s a simple configuration, but the smooth surface of a plate is not particularly grippy, which can lead to soup sloshing, or (much more dire) the entire bowl sliding off the plate during transport.

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My stepmother (an elegant woman) has an elegant solution to this inconvenience: place a folded, damp paper towel between the bowl and the plate. Much like a damp towel under a cutting board, the folded piece of paper product stabilizes the bowl, preventing it from scooting and sliding around your plate.

When I say “damp” I mean it. You do not want a wet paper towel, as that can result in soggy crackers. Just splash the paper towel under the faucet for a moment, wring out the excess water, and fold it into a square. Place the square on the plate, the bowl one the square, and enjoy your meal without fear of soup bowl sloshing.


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