The Best Ways To Free Up Space On Your Android

The Best Ways To Free Up Space On Your Android
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Every day, millions of smartphones run out of space, leaving users to make the difficult decision on what photos, apps, music or videos to delete. What will you say goodbye to this time, pictures of your furry friend or videos from your last holiday?

You don’t need to run out and buy a new phone — there are simple space-saving solutions right at your fingertips, from removing outdated files to uploading your images to the cloud.

To help Android and Apple users to free up storage capacity, the team at Google have shared their top five tips below.

Make Marie Kondo proud

Check your phone storage settings to see which apps are filling up your memory. Here, you can see exactly how much space each app takes up and the last time you actually used it. Now that you’ve identified the biggest offenders, it’s time to Marie Kondo your phone and ask yourself, does this app spark joy?

Android users can simply tap “Free up storage,” while phones with iOS 10+ allow you to offload unused apps to save space. And never fear, you can always re-download purchased apps should the need arise without paying for them again.

Out with the old…

We can all be sentimental, but do you really need to revisit conversations from 2017? Messaging apps are amongst the worst offenders when it comes to hogging your phone’s memory. Jump into the settings of individual apps to delete archived conversations and files and you can even go one step further and stop images from auto-saving to your camera roll if space is scarce.

Get around easy storage management

Wondering, ‘isn’t there an app that does this for me?’ You’re in luck. With just a few taps, Files by Google can help Android users free up space more quickly and easily than ever. Delete old photos and memes from chat apps, remove duplicate files, erase unused apps, clear your cache and more. The app takes up less than 10MB and uses machine learning to provide helpful suggestions on data to erase before you run out of space — the more you use it, the smarter it gets!

File management is something to be proud of, so when you clear out files, the app celebrates how much you saved by telling you what you’ve freed up room for — whether it’s enough to take a few more selfies or to download a whole movie.

The Best Ways To Free Up Space On Your AndroidImage: Google

Take advantage of free unlimited photo storage

If you’re snap happy, Google Photos has your back(up) in just a tap allowing you to save unlimited pictures and videos securely so you never have to delete a photo again. To get started, tap the side menu and choose “Free up space.” Google Photos will find the images you’ve already backed up and help you remove them from your phone to make room for new memories.

Your photos are automatically organised and searchable by the places and things in them, no tagging required. Plus, take advantage of its features like easy photo edits, turn your favourite snaps into a gif, movie or set up a live album, so you can relive (and share) your favourite moments year round with your friends and family.

The Best Ways To Free Up Space On Your AndroidImage: Google

Move it to the cloud

With cloud-based storage, your files can follow you wherever you go. Securely save everything from stories, designs, drawings, recordings and more, and access them anytime from any smartphone, tablet or computer.

Across Android and iOS, there are a raft of solutions available. Of course, Google Drive is our go-to, providing you with 15GB for free. It has nifty features like making files available offline so you can view them when your phone or tablet loses service, such as when you’re flying or in a building with a bad connection. Plus, if you have more to store, Google One gives you room to grow.

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