How To Choose Glasses That Match Your Face Shape

How To Choose Glasses That Match Your Face Shape
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The shape of your face can have a huge impact on the glasses you wear. A frame that looks chic and sophisticated on one noggin can look dorky and ill-fitted on another. This infographic from FramesDirect explains how to match various glasses styles to your face shape.

When buying a new pair of glasses, most people painstakingly try on multiple frames — sometimes for hours — before narrowing it down to a handful of contenders. The infographic below is designed to speed up this process. It explains what to look for depending on your face shape.

For example, if you have a round face, you should stick to frames with wide lenses and strong details to create angles. Square faces are better off wearing round or oval frames to help soften their features.

Regardless of your face type, you should purchase frames that follow the line of your eyebrows and center your eyes within the lens. Oh, and if you’re a bloke, maybe steer clear of the Gloria Vanderbilt Collection.

[Via FramesDirect]

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