Costco Is Launching Online Delivery In Australia

Costco Is Launching Online Delivery In Australia

If you’re one of the types who likes to purchase industrial quantities of toilet cleaner in bulk – but don’t like actually driving anywhere to do so – you’re in luck. Costco has announced it is bringing online shopping and delivery to Australia. Here are the details.

Costco Is Launching An Online Shopping Store!

Costco is continuing to push against the near duopoly in the retail supermarket business by launching their online shopping service. The kickoff will be early next year, when their new $78m warehouse at Kemps Creek in western Sydney is complete. It will be used as a base for distribution of massive packs of toilet paper, huge barrels of pretzels and other bulk-sized items.

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Costco’s online shopping service is officially happening – but it will only be available to those who have forked out for a membership and signed up for an online account.


“We’re thrilled to share that online shopping is coming to Australia soon,” the wholesaler says on its website. “Just like shopping at the warehouse, this service will be available exclusively to our members.”

Shoppers who have a Costco membership, which costs $60 per year, will be notified when delivery is available in their area. At present, Costco delivers to business customers within a 20 kilometre radius of its Docklands warehouse in Melbourne.

As we reported last year, Costco’s $78m warehouse at Kemps Creek in Sydney’s west will be used as a distribution base for its various bulk-sized items.

While $60 might seem steep for an annual online shopping membership, it makes sense for big ticket items. If you’re buying a new 4K TV or computer, for example, you’ll get that back on your first purchase given some of the discounts they offer.

Everything You Need To Know About Costco Australia

Costco is one of the great inventions of capitalism - a one-stop shop with exclusive access to thousands of bulk-buy items. This translates to huge savings on individual products, with prices that put even Aldi to shame. </p> <p>Thankfully, Australians have access to this ingenious idea too. Here's what you need to know if you haven't yet joined the Costco bandwagon.

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