The Best WD-40 Hacks (That Don't Involve Lubrication)

A can of WD-40 does more than just free rusted metal parts or stop things from making irritating squeaky noises. Here are 10 more clever uses for the fluid that you might not have thought of.

The YouTube channel Inspire to Make shows us that WD-40 fluid can be used to do helpful things like remove wax crayons from screens, clean off chewing gum from carpets and shoes, act as a carpet and kitchen cleaner to fight tough stains and add a short-term shine to leather shoes (though we recommend getting a proper polish and brush). The one time we do see the WD-40 lubricating something is on a stuck zipper, which is still quite clever. Check out the video for a beautiful rundown on all the interesting uses of WD-40.

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10 Simple Life Hacks With WD-40 [Inspire to Make]

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    1. Soak a cotton wool ball in it and light a fire in the rain.
    2. Remove wax crayon markings from a computer screen.
    3. Remove chewing gum from carpet.
    4. Remove tomato sauce from carpet (with a lot of fucking effort).
    5. Make scissors...cut things? I have no idea what this one was trying to show.
    6. Clean 'and waterproof' leather shoes.
    7. Clean stainless steel/cooktops.
    8. Fix zippers that don't zip smoothly.
    9. Remove stickers from glass.

    Reminder: WD-40 is a flammable oil and solvent. It works by dissolving things. Some of the things on this list are good ideas, several aren't.

      Thanks ZJ, saves me watching it. But whats number 10? The story clearly says TEN clever uses, and you've only listed NINE...

        I was confused by that too, I think they counted cleaning stainless steel and cleaning cooktops as separate things even though they're pretty much exactly the same thing.

          Probably right. For clickbait, 10 is better bait than 9, and separating minor differences would be a good enough excuse.

    Its good wasp spray if you need it in a pinch.

      Can confirm it's a good substitute for mace/pepper spray too

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