The Garibaldi Is The Perfect Lazy Brunch Cocktail

The Garibaldi Is The Perfect Lazy Brunch Cocktail
Photo: Claire Lower

Confession: I love citrus fruits to an unhealthy degree.

I make it my mission to devour every clementine, satsuma, kumquat, and obscure lime I can get my hands on, while also exploring the wild world of citrus hybrids. It’s a particularly fun time to play around with cocktails, especially those that are traditionally made with orange juice.

The Garibaldi is one such cocktail. It’s very simple—nothing more than Campari and OJ—so the success of the drink depends pretty heavily on your juice. Fresh-squeezed orange juice is beautiful, but my personal favourites are tangerine (if I’m feeling sweet) or ruby red grapefruit (if I’m feeling tart). You can also add a bar spoon of simple syrup if your juice is too tart, but that shouldn’t be an issue during peak citrus season.

You can technically build a Garibaldi right in a highball, and stir the two ingredients together over some ice, but the real move is aerating the juice in a blender to get it nice and fluffy, then pouring it over the bright red bitter to create a nice sunset effect. (The red colour of the drink is a nod to Garbinaldi’s guerrilla redshirts, which is interesting!)

It’s very beautiful, very delicious, and a perfect way to inject some sunshine into a lazy summer brunch. To make it, you will need:

  • 120ml of your favourite citrus juice

  • 45ml of Campari

  • 1 bar spoon simple syrup (optional)

Add Campari and simple to a highball and stir to combine. Add juice to a high-powered blender and blend until it looks aerated and fluffy. Pour half of the juice into the glass with Campari, stir, then fill the glass with ice. Top with remaining juice, and enjoy.


  • mmmm, a cocktail that shares a name with the company responsible for one of the worst outbreaks of food contamination in Australian history. Appetising!

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