The Places You Should Never Wear Sunglasses


Sunglasses are an essential summer item, but there’s still a right time and place for them. This matrix graphic shows the proper etiquette for wearing and stashing your sunglasses in all types of situations.

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Not to be confused with the /"sometimes, always, never" rule for proper suit coat wear, these rules from illustrator Ted Slampyak at The Art of Manliness will help you look professional and courteous with your sunglasses wherever you are.

It's always acceptable, for example, to wear your sunglasses outside, but you should always remove them when you enter a building. Additionally, sometimes it's okay to rest your sunglasses on the top of your head, hang them from your collar, or dangle them around your neck with a strap; but sometimes it's not, especially in professional or formal environments. You can check out the complete matrix below.

The Always/Sometimes/Never Sunglass Matrix [The Art of Manliness]

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  • interesting article. though the 2 reasons why I wear my sunglasses on the back of my head when i’m not wearing them are;

    1) being tallish (6’2) I find my glasses get knocked off the top of my head from low branches/car door frames etc..
    2) I used to work in public and private aquariums in the Middle East (Europe it wasn’t much of an issue due to the lack of sun) and dropped my sunglasses countless times into tanks when clipped to the front of my shirt / sitting in the front pocket (so they don’t get crushed when you sit down)/on the top of my head. Shallow tanks not much of an issue but when scuba gear become involved to retrieve them from the bottom of deeper ones that’s when I changed my hanging position!

  • My sunglasses are prescription, so I frequently walk around shopping centres and indoors with them on. No fucks given. I like to see clearly.

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