Season Popcorn With Macaroni And Cheese Powder

Season Popcorn With Macaroni And Cheese Powder
Photo: Claire Lower

Cheese popcorn is a very special snack. Usually found in air-puffed bags or seasonal tins, the (ideally) bright orange popped kernels are a perfect combination of salty and tangy. Homemade recipes for cheese popcorn often involve ordering cheese powder from the internet or purchasing special (often overpriced) shakers of popcorn specific seasoning, but it’s much easier than all that. All you need for perfectly cheesy popcorn is a box of macaroni (and cheese).

Seasoning popcorn with macaroni powder—as suggested by this clever Reddit user—makes a lot of sense for a lot of reasons. For one, it’s already obliterated to a super-fine dust that clings to each fluffy piece of corn. It’s also a completely developed flavoring agent. Macaroni and cheese is meant to be cheesy, yes, but it’s also meant to be creamy with just a fair amount of lactic acid induced tanginess. The mac powder brings all these flavours to the bowl, eliminating the need to tweak with any extra salt or butter.

Beyond a packet of your favourite boxed macaroni powder, all you need is oil and popcorn. Pop the corn on the stove—I like the Jessica Koslow method—pour it into a big bowl, and toss with the cheese powder with the popped corn, sprinkling on a little bit at a time and gently shaking the bowl in between additions.

As for the leftover macaroni, I’m sure you can find a use for those, like a goulash, some sort of DIY hamburger helper, or—you know—macaroni and cheese (with real, shredded cheese).

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