Protect Your Baby From Strangers’ Germs With A ‘No Touch’ Sign

Protect Your Baby From Strangers’ Germs With A ‘No Touch’ Sign
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There’s this thing that happens when a person sees a brand new human. Their hands, which just moments before they had complete control over, turn into large magnets that pull straight up and out with a primal need to touch that baby. It’s bad enough to endure months of randoms rubbing your pregnant stomach; now all the world thinks it’s good and fair to touch your infant. And they don’t just tug a little on a covered toe. No, they go straight for the face and the hands to ensure that any germs they have will be passed along most efficiently.

So, much like the zoo has to post signs all over with the very common sense directive to not tap on the damn glass, parents also need to remind strangers that their babies are not for touching. We could do this verbally, sure, but sometimes those magnet hands move quicker than our words or they wait until we’ve let our guard down just long enough to turn and reach for something on the top shelf of the snack aisle.

For these moments, Etsy shop LittleloveCanada has a solution: The “Please Don’t Touch” sign, which I first discovered on the Kids Activities blog.

Image Photo: LittleloveCanada

Shop owner Tracy Lapointe writes in the product’s description:

Inspired from the very first homemade No Germies tag I made for my own child, my No Germies tags have been approved and recommended by our paediatrician to be used in the first 6 months as your little one’s immune system develops.

Lapointe sells the tags in a variety of styles, including options with messages specifically for premature babies. And they can be especially helpful for all babies this time of year when everyone is either sick, getting over being sick, or just about to get sick.


  • Americans are crazy about doing this and it looks like this is an American article. Never had unwanted touching in Aus, but you gotta watch out if travelling with little ones.

  • My wife had strangers rubbing her pregnant belly. It is uncomfortable and on the side of strange.

    The germs aspect? In recent years we have had huge amounts of research concluding our western children are too clean. With even most of the life threatening allergies being attributed to putting young ones in sterile bubbles. But respecting your choice, hope your child grows up free of health issues from that choice.

  • Americans also removed all antibacterial soaps from the market stating they lower our immune system. In other words , it might be a good thing letting others touch baby so as to build up baby’s immune system.

    Exposing young ones to everyday germs will lower their chances of developing asthma or allergies.

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