Invite MSG To Your Super Bowl Party

I have ceased to give a single damn about the game of football, but it would be dishonest to deny that the Super Bowl is among the holiest of food Holidays. All the greats—wings, pizza, nachos—are in attendance (sometimes in one hot dish!). It’s a delicious day, but there’s one ingredient that has long been denied an invitation, one seasoning that would ensure your snacks are a slam dunk, and make sure you don’t strike out as a host. That substance is MSG, and it can improve every single thing on your Super Bowl snack table.

If you are worrying about “poisoning” your guests with “chemicals,” please know two things: all food contains chemicals (the molecular composition of orange juice is utterly insane), and MSG is not dangerous. Also, if you have ever set a bag of Doritos out at a football-watching party, the damage is done, check mate, etc.

Anyway. Monosodium glutamate makes things taste good by heightening that umami. This means your wings will taste more savoury, your chilli more meaty, your onion dip more allium-y, and your queso more intense. MSG disrupts a food’s flavour profile, ensuring there are new and exciting tastes dancing across your tongue as you eat. This makes people want to eat more food, which is great news, because a half-eaten Super Bowl spread is bad and depressing.

I rarely measure the amount of MSG I add to something, as you can sprinkle it in at the last minute, taste, and adjust as needed, but the general rule of thumb is half a teaspoon for a pound of meat or half a teaspoon for four servings of dip, chilli, queso, or anything else.

I’m sure your brilliant mind is already creating a list of party snacks to sprinkle this crystalline compound on and into, but I really can’t think of a savoury football-watching snack you shouldn’t add it to. Beyond the aforementioned wings (sprinkle it in the sauce), chilli, and onion dip, you could incorporate it into your nachos via the bean or meat layer, mix it into a cheese ball, sprinkle it on some shishito peppers, or mix it into a Bloody Mary, if you would prefer to drink it.

It’s also good in every sauce, be it pizza or barbecue. If you’re starting to feel overwhelmed with possibilities, just add it to all your dips. All the best dips have MSG in them.


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