How To Freshen The Air Without Sprays

How To Freshen The Air Without Sprays
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Does it feel a little stuffy in here?

It may be too cold to open the window, or you might be averse to the chemical smell of commercial air fresheners, so here are some DIY tricks to keep the air smelling fresh.

First off, for an easy burst of fresh air, try clipping one of those car-vent fresheners onto your home air vents. They are cheaper than plug-ins, and don’t take up any electrical outlets. Plus, the technology has advanced enough that they come in great scents now—we promise that your home won’t smell like a taxi.

Or, try combining baking soda with a few drops of the essential oil of your choice in an open container like a car or bowl. It can stay for up to three days and will allow the scent of the oil to fill the room. As a bonus, you can sprinkle the baking soda mixture onto your rug or carpet, let sit 30 minutes, and vacuum up. It will not only absorb any odours from the rug (which we have covered before), but also leave a lingering freshness when you’re done.

And finally, leave out a plate of apple slices overnight. While they will brown, they will also absorb any lingering smoky odours that might be hanging around. You could also slice an orange in half and sprinkle it with salt.

Also, remember that if you must use commercial sprays, they tend to leave a residue once they fall on surfaces, so these tricks will have you wiping off your counters less often.


  • May I suggest cleaning up.

    Sometimes odours can be in odd places. Check behind curtains, on top of all wall cabinets. Clothing put away on a rainy day can make the place smell, maybe you might need to wash everything again.

    Going to the source of the stink might be the quickest and most effective.

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