How To Find Instagram’s Elusive ‘Who Are You’ Filters

How To Find Instagram’s Elusive ‘Who Are You’ Filters

If you’ve browsed through your friend’s Instagram stories in the past few weeks, you might’ve noticed a new trend taking over the platform. A number of new user-created filters have allowed ‘grammers to take a selfie video and determine which Disney, Simpsons or Harry Potter character they are among a number of other filters. If you try to find it yourself, however, you might have a hard time. Here’s how you do it.

How do I use one of these ‘Who Are You’ filters?

Back in August 2019, Instagram introduced SparkAR, which allowed anyone with the know-how to design, build and share their own custom effects. The social media platform continued to produce its own filters, which are accessible when creating a story, but if you were sick of them, you could now slide to the end of the filters and select ‘Browse Effects’ to enjoy a whole range more of user-created effects.

Enter the ‘Who Are You’ filters. While many of the effects are being used, it’s the ‘Who Are You’ filters that have experienced the most notable viral explosion on the site thanks, in part, to how difficult they are to find. Essentially, the effect determines which character or ‘thing’ you are by looking at your face. You take a selfie video, for example, and it’ll scroll through a list of Disney characters until it lands on the one it thinks you are — Quasimodo, let’s say. It’s since been revealed it’s totally randomised by Insider and not related to your facial features.

The easiest way to use one of these filters is through a friend who’s already using one. They’re designed to be viral so chances are someone in your feed is using one and all you have to do is snatch it from them.

To do that, you watch that friend’s Insta story, tap on it and and select ‘try it’ or save to your filters. If you save the filter, this means you’ll be able to use it again in the future without having to wait for a friend to use it or searching through the user generated effects section.

Some of the most popular filters include:

  • Which Disney character are you?
  • Which Wizard House are you?
  • Which Pixar character are you?
  • What Pokémon are you?
  • What font are you?
  • What age are you?

We’ve also rounded up some of the best below.

The Best 'Which X Are You' Instagram Filters

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And if I don’t have friends using the ‘Who Are You’ filters?

I’m going to be real, I don’t really have time to watch all my friend’s stories on Instagram every day so I’ve probably missed a tonne of these. If you’re not seeing any of these filters in your regular Insta story line up, there are a few other ways to find them.

First, the most cumbersome way: When you use the filter, the creator’s username will automatically be attached to it. This means you can search for the user and grab the filter from their profile.

How To Find Instagram’s Elusive ‘Who Are You’ FiltersImage: Instagram

Some of the most popular effects creators include:

  • janmahavan
  • arnopartissimo
  • syilers
  • akikokoga
  • alxesey

But you can also just Google for articles like this one that neatly give you a lineup of some of the best ones available and where to find them. It’s understood you can also find them in the Effects Gallery once you hit ‘Browse Effects’ but in my testing, I’ve been unable to find a single one.

Where do the effects save?

To access any filters you’ve saved, head to create an Instagram story and when you’re in the ‘Normal’ section, your saved filters will be to the left of the unfiltered selfie option.

We’ve reached out to Instagram Australia and will update when they respond.

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