3 Ways To Make Your Fashion More Functional

3 Ways To Make Your Fashion More Functional
Image: Instagram / @Bose

Fashion is many things to many people — it’s a means of expression, a way to showcase your personality and, chiefly, unless you live somewhere particularly open-minded, it serves to cover you when you’re roaming about in public.

This article has been sponsored by Bose Frames, encouraging you to not be afraid of trying new technology when reinventing your look.

The issue arises, however, when fashion leans too much to the side of avant-garde that it loses functionality — we’ve all seen those gloriously extravagant pieces slinking down the runway, and we all know they probably wouldn’t make the cut for a day at work.

Because ultimately, while fashion has so many added bonuses, the main purpose is to be functional. But there’s definitely a need for balance, because functionality and expression are two sides of the same coin. And while it has one base function, there are so many areas that it can have an impact on as well.

Here are three key ways to make your everyday wardrobe more functional, without having to sacrifice style.

#1 Go for multi-purpose accessories

Image: Instagram / @bose

Something that we tend to accumulate more than anything else, is a collection of accessories. We love variety and we love having choices, but it’s important not to then lean into excess. Because why have four accessories when one high-quality piece would do?

Multi-purpose accessories are definitely the way of the future, with stylish pieces that double up as innovative pieces of tech. Take Bose Frames (RRP: $299.95), for example, with two styles of sunglasses that will remove your need for headphones because they stream audio from the frames themselves, via Bluetooth from your mobile that only you can hear. That means you can listen to your tunes and take calls if you wanted to. The battery lasts over 3 hours and there are two classic designs to choose from.

#2 Prioritise pockets

Image: iStock / nensuria

Ask anyone who wears women’s pants what their biggest frustration with them is and chances are they’ll say it’s a lack of viable pockets. Too many fashion outlets create garments that have teeny-tiny pockets that could carry a toothpick at best — or worse, they have decorative pockets that serve no functional purpose at all.

You don’t have to opt for cargo pants that seem to have pockets on every available surface, but if you opt for pants and jackets that have a reasonable amount of space to carry your phone and wallet, you’ll be laughing.

#3 Take weather into account

Image: iStock / RyanJLane

Given the unpredictability of the climate, half the time you’re better off carrying an umbrella just as a precaution. But sometimes you don’t want to have to carry a hefty device around with you, especially if you’re at a fancy event or occasion.

So from your shoes to your coats, consider applying water repellent to all your applicable belongings. Not only will it help, even if in a small way, to keep you dry, but it will also save you the pressure of having to lug around the umbrella for those ‘just in case’ circumstances.

Conversely, if you’re dealing with a whole lotta heat, you’ll want to maintain sun protection in the way of hats, sunscreen and sunglasses — so your Bose Frames can double up as a precautionary style choice too.

Ultimately though, there’s no reason not to strive for functionality and style when it comes to your everyday look. Whether it’s wearing pocket-friendly pants or decking yourself out with some cool new Bose Frames, you can still look good and make it work.

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