This Is The Best Toddler Travel Snack

If you parent a toddler, you already know that having an arsenal of snacks while travelling is Of The Utmost Importance. Snacks stave off hanger tantrums, they give you flexibility if your food options are limited and, if you’re flying, the swallowing can help combat middle ear pressure during take-offs and landings.

But what if your snack could be a pre-boarding activity, a temporary accessory AND a snack? Behold, this genius:

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????TRAVEL SNACKS???? In honor of all impending holiday travel that lies ahead, I give you my favorite activity for traveling with kids: the cereal necklace ???? This is Matt (he’s 2.5 here) and he’s keeping himself busy at the airport threading Froot Loops on a necklace – a necklace he then wore ONTO the airplane and ate as his snack while we flew ???? People, it was LIFE CHANGING ???? The night before we left on our trip, I made a bag of Froot Loops for each kid and cut a long piece of string ✂️ TIPS: on one end, tie a piece of cereal as the “knot” so the Froot Loops don’t slide off ✌???? On the other end, add tape wrapped around the string as a “needle” so it doesn’t fray and slides into the cereal easier ‼️ As luck would have it, we got through security and our plane was delayed ???? So after letting the kids run around a bit, they started to fall apart & I busted these out ???????? My kids were HOOKED into building their necklaces so they’d have a handmade airplane snack ???? I couldn’t believe how long they worked – we are talking 20-30 mins per kid ???? I tied them onto the kids – but big enough to slip over their heads and they boarded the plane wearing their snacks ???? They had these on the whole flight, munch munch munching away ❤️ BEST ACTIVITY ???????? and it’s perfect for car rides too ❤️ Absolutely an amazing way to start vacation ???????? Now I know that some of Matt’s cereal is touching the airport seat ????????‍♀️ Definitely wipe of the chairs if you remember (I did not ????) but after having one kid crawl thru security, another roll on the floor of the terminal, and finally having to tell one not to LICK A CHAIR ???? cereal brushing a seat was pretty low on my list of worries ???????????? If you want see my kids making these and a bit more of our prep / set up / the cutest video of Matt ever – check out my STORY HIGHLIGHT on Travel Snacks ⬆️ and also my Travel Ideas highlights which has literally HUNDREDS of plane & car ride tips gathered from this amazing community ❤️❤️❤️ #busytoddleractivities #kidsactivities #playideas #playmatters

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A cereal necklace. That her son created by threading Froot Loops onto a piece of string. Which he then wore during boarding. And then snacked on during the flight.

Susie Allison has outdone us all, but at least she shared her win with us.

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