This Free Disney+ Mac App Resumes Your Shows As Soon As You Launch It

macOS: A lot of people like Baby Yoda Disney Plus. So why should you have to go through the arduous task of loading your browser, pulling up the service, and clicking around to watch the latest episode of The Mandalorian? Thanks to a fun little hack from DBK Labs, we can shorten this by a few steps on macOS. And if you have to jet before you finish your show or film, this app is perfect for jumping right back to where you were—no extra clicks needed.

To get started, go grab the Clicker for Disney+ app—free as of when we wrote this article, but probably bumping up to $5 at some point. I probably wouldn’t pay $5 to save a few mouse clicks, to be honest, but I would absolutely use this app for free.

And I use the phrase “app” loosely, as this isn’t some unofficial player for Disney Plus per se; it’s basically pulling up the website in a window that doesn’t look like a conventional browser, wrapped with a few fun extras—like being able to jump right to Disney+ from your dock without having to fiddle with a browser shortcut.

That’s not all. In its settings menu, you can also adjust Clicker for Disney+ to always stay on top of other apps—for a little picture-in-picture-like watching—or have the app resume whatever you were watching as soon as you load it. I love that last part, since you can reload to exactly what you were watching (and where) with a single mouse click.

Clicker for Disney+ also comes with Touch Bar controls for skipping through a movie or TV show, turning subtitles on and off, and quickly bouncing the video to a corner of your desktop. If you’re a big Touch Bar junkie, you’ll love these little features, too. For everyone else, being able to pull up your favourite Disney Plus content even faster is worth a free installation.

I realise that you might feel apprehensive about typing your login credentials into an app you know nothing about. I did, too, especially since the Disney Plus password is tied to the other Disney services you might use.

In the absence of Disney offering any two-factor authentication for your account, I caution you to keep careful tabs on your Disney doings. If something seems suspicious with any activity happening across any of your Disney services, don’t hesitate to change your password immediately—or contact Disney for assistance.


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