The Best Travel Hacks Of 2019

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If ever there was a need for travel hacks, it was in 2019—the year of Boeing 737 MAX groundings, mysterious illnesses afflicting tourists, and airlines offering even less legroom by way of basic economy seating. And since this holiday week is likely to become the busiest travel week in 2019, it’s about time someone cuts you some slack. Below, you’ll find a few of our favourite and much-needed travel hacks, tips, and upgrades of the year, including how to get through an annoyingly long customs line, why packing cubes changed one Lifehacker staffer’s life, and the case for never offering to swap your seat on a flight.

The Best Drink to Order at a Crappy Airport Bar

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You Never Have to Swap Seats On a Flight

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How to Get Someone to Stop Reclining Their Seat On a Flight

The Best Podcasts to Binge During a Flight

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How Packing Cubes Can Change Your Life

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Use Up Foreign Currency by Paying Down Your Hotel Bill

Go to These ‘Boring’ Stores When You Travel Internationally

I Wish I’d Learned This Phrase Before I Went to Another Country

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