The Best Cocktail Hacks Of 2019

I don’t know if I can speak for everyone, but 2019 was a year that required–nay, demanded–I consume more than a few cocktails. This was bad news for my liver, but great news for my readers, as all that drinking resulted in a lot of cocktail-related pondering and testing, as well as some truly great cocktail hacks.

Use Jam to Make Any Booze Morning-Appropriate

Make Crazy Potent Horseradish Vodka in Your Blender

The Best Pub Regulars Are the Quiet Ones

What to Drink if Aperol Is Too Sweet for Your Very Refined Palate

The Best Drink to Order at a Crappy Airport Bar

Make Frothy, Egg-Free Cocktails Using Burrata Water

Enjoy This Peach-Mint Cocktail for No Particular Reason

The Best Eggnog Is Made With Tequila

Infuse Cocktails With Chai This Holiday Season


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