The Best Cocktail Hacks Of 2019

The Best Cocktail Hacks Of 2019
Photo: Claire Lower

I don’t know if I can speak for everyone, but 2019 was a year that required–nay, demanded–I consume more than a few cocktails. This was bad news for my liver, but great news for my readers, as all that drinking resulted in a lot of cocktail-related pondering and testing, as well as some truly great cocktail hacks.

Use Jam to Make Any Booze Morning-Appropriate


Make Crazy Potent Horseradish Vodka in Your Blender

ImagePhoto: Claire Lower

The Best Pub Regulars Are the Quiet Ones

ImageUnsplash” loading=”lazy” > Photo: Unsplash

What to Drink if Aperol Is Too Sweet for Your Very Refined Palate

ImagePhoto: Claire Lower

The Best Drink to Order at a Crappy Airport Bar

ImagePhoto: Sattish Bate/Hindustan Times via Getty Images

Make Frothy, Egg-Free Cocktails Using Burrata Water

ImagePhoto: Claire Lower

Enjoy This Peach-Mint Cocktail for No Particular Reason

ImagePhoto: Claire Lower

The Best Eggnog Is Made With Tequila

ImagePhoto: Jeffrey Morgenthaler

Infuse Cocktails With Chai This Holiday Season

ImagePhoto: Shutterstock

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