The 21 Most Alcoholic Drinks In The World [Infographic]

Most alcoholic beverages have an ABV level (alcohol by volume) of around 5-20 per cent. But sometimes, you need something a bit stronger. If you’re planning to party hard on the weekend, ask your bar if they have any of the beverages in this infographic. With luck, you might live to regret the decision.

The infographic below comes from, which clearly has a vested interest in making everyone blotto. (i.e.- Drunk people are more likely to keep spending money.) Nevertheless, its shortlist of hardcore alcoholic tipples makes for fascinating reading. The graphic features an array of straight spirits and fearsome cocktails – with the strongest clocking an ABV of 96 per cent.

From this list, we recommend Buichladdich X4 Whiskey which has been proven to be able to power a sports car up to speeds over 100mph, Balkan Vodka 176 which boasts no fewer than 13 health warnings (including one in braille) and Spiytus Rekyfikowany which is chiefly used for industrial purposes.

Did we say “recommend”? We meant avoid at all costs. If you try any of these and survive, be sure to follow our hangover cure guide in the morning. Salut!


[referenced url=”” thumb=”×231.jpg” title=”Hangover Cures: Myths, Legends And Facts” excerpt=”Hangovers rank right up there with drunk dialling your angry ex as one of the least pleasant drinking-related side effects. We explain how to stave off a hangover with before and after tips — as well as myths to avoid.”]

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