Slow-Cook Your Breakfast To Make Mornings More Relaxing

It’s such an appealing fantasy: You wake up in your sun-drenched bedroom to the smell of a delicious breakfast being made by someone who loves you. But, a twist! What if that someone is you from last night! It’s either time-travel or you have a slow-cooker and planned ahead.

OK, some of these recipes are better made a day or two in advance, but some really will cook while you sleep, giving you a savoury egg casserole or a family-size batch of porridge waiting for you in the morning.

The Kitchn has a list of 13 slow-cooker breakfast recipes, including muesli, fruit butter and even bread. And if you ever need a LOT of poached eggs all at once, you can use your slow-cooker for that, too.

13 Slow Cooker Recipes for a Stress-Free Breakfast [The Kitchn]