Rejoice! Petrol Prices Are About To Get Way Cheaper

Christmas is a damn expensive time. There are presents and feasts to buy and with some of us suddenly having time off work, unexpected expenses also come out of the woodwork. One thing we might not have to worry so much about this Christmas period, however, is petrol, which is set to be a whole lot cheaper. Hurrah!

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According to new findings from, prices have already peaked in December and will continue to fall in the days leading up to Christmas and into the new year. The stats are based on information provided by Simples Fuel, a petrol app which tells motorists where the cheapest fuel pumps in their area are located.

“Our petrol analysis examines where we are currently at within the petrol price cycle in each city, and where prices were at in the December quarter too, to help gauge where prices will sit over Christmas,” Rod Attrill, finance and household savings expert at, said in a media release.

“In the December quarter, motorists were paying an average of 149cpl – 6cpl more than the previous quarter. Fuel in Brisbane was the highest in the country, with a quarterly price average of 152cpl, while Perth motorists paid the least, at 145cpl. Petrol prices this Christmas are likely to fall, as most major cities have passed the top of their petrol cycles already, which is a huge relief for motorists filling up at the bowser this festive season.”

When is the cheapest time to get petrol?

Sydney: For Sydneysiders, the findings show the petrol cycle started on 5 December and peaked at an average of 164cpl on 13 December. It’s recommended you wait as long as you can, around 10 – 17 days, before filling up as prices are expected to fall each day.

Melbourne: Melbourne similarly peaked on 13 December at an even higher 167cpl. It’s expected the bottom of the cycle is still 20 days away but each day you wait will be a fraction cheaper.

Brisbane: Queensland’s capital city peaked a bit earlier on 12 December and hit a dizzyingly expensive height of 171cpl on average.

Adelaide: According to the findings, Adelaide has already experienced its bottom price at 137cpl on 12 December so it’s recommended they fill up as soon as possible before prices soon peak.

Perth: Perth too has already passed its bottom price with 145cpl on 16 December. The findings suggest Monday is consistently the best day to fill up for a cheaper price tag.

These might not be fast and hard rules but avoiding petrol price peaks is in the interest of everyone. Downloading apps to track fuel costs and figuring out which days are cheaper in your area will help to ease up your Christmas budget.

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