Quickly Create Your Own Custom Emojis With This Website

Emojis can be a fun addition to a tweet or messages, but something the right emoji doesn’t quite exist. Emoji Maker is a simple tool that can help.

The tool offers a ton of different options for building your own emoji from scratch. For instance, you can create a surprised clown or a crying poop emoji. It’s similar to Emoji Builder, but with a much simpler interface.

Building one involves picking a blank face template and then adding things like eyes, a mouth, or tears to truly make it yours.

The options are all the standard stuff that’s already available in the built-in emoji library; however, the tool allows you to put them together in unique and different ways.

Unfortunately, once you’re done your only option is to download your creation as an image and then share it that way rather than adding it to an emoji keyboard. Still, it can be a fun thing to play around with.


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