Telstra Is Giving Away Free Wi-Fi (And Payphone Calls) This Christmas

Telstra Is Giving Away Free Wi-Fi (And Payphone Calls) This Christmas
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If payphones are still your vibe, then Telstra is offering you a real treat this Christmas. The telco giant has announced its offering free calls from its payphones as well as free Wi-Fi from selected booths for nine days over the holiday break.

Telstra is offering free calls around Australia to local, national and standard mobiles from Telstra payphones for a short period of the holiday break. Between 24 December 2019 and 1 January 2020, all payphone calls will be free. You can also get free Wi-Fi from selected Telstra Air payphones and Telstra Stores across the country. (International calls and some directory services are excluded from the offer.)

Payphone usage has decreased significantly since the rise of mobile phones loaded with call credit and data. But while many of us know others seldom have access to these services we take for granted.

“Christmas is a time to connect ⁠— or reconnect ⁠— with family, friends and loved ones. While many of us rely on smartphones and tablets, we know there’s a lot of people, including some of the community’s most vulnerable, who’ll use our payphones to make a call that will matter this holiday period,” a Telstra executive said in a media release.

“We know how successful the free call period was last year with 120,000 calls made from Telstra payphones so this year we’re extending it from Christmas Eve through to New Year’s Day.”

If you’re not sure where you last saw a payphone in your area, there’s a handy map which highlights all the ones in your local areas.

Ask LH: What Does A Local Call Cost From An Australian Public Payphone?

Hi Lifehacker, There are relatively few public phones these days, though there are some in prominent locations, like the ones at Flinders Street station in Melbourne. There is a long notice telling you to please insert coins and that no change will be given -- but nowhere does it tell you how much to put in for a local call. This secret would be of great value to locals and tourists who need to make a call. Any insights?

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