Our Best Fitness Posts Of 2019

We’ve been through a lot in fitness this year, discussing gym etiquette, body image, ambitious goals and more. Here are our best fitness posts of the year.

How to Combat Gym Anxiety

Don’t Trust the Calorie Count on the Elliptical Machine

How to Work Out Like a Superhero, According to Brie Larson’s Trainer 

How to Start Rock Climbing When You Have No Upper Body Strength

How to Not Fail at an Ultramarathon

What Lifters Should Know About Creatine

When Is It OK to Tell Someone They’re Doing Something Wrong in the Gym?

Worrying About ‘Bulky’ Muscles on Women Is Some Sexist Bullshit

How to Add Up the Weights When You’re Lifting With a Barbell

How to Know if You’re the Jerk in the Gym

Thinness and Fitness Are Not the Same Thing

All the Different Bars at the Gym, Explained

The Best Advice I Learned From my First Powerlifting Meet

How to Give a Fitness Gift That’s Not Insulting


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