Netflix Is Deleting A Bunch Of Your Faves: Here's The List

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Netflix is cleaning house again. Over the next few days, a bunch of licenced content will be leaving the service, possibly never to return. This includes cult faves like Guy Ritchie's Snatch, the critically acclaimed TV series Weeds and Fargo, Swiss Army Man and a bunch of anime. Here's everything about to be deleted.

The list below comes courtesy of the New On Netflix website and are based on expiring licence agreements. While some licences do get renewed by Netflix from time to time, the following titles weren't so lucky.

We've included the expiry dates for each movie and TV show so you can schedule your viewing accordingly. In other words, watch them while you still can!

Note: Netflix is known to quietly delete additional content toward the end of each month - so this is not a complete list. We'll let you know if any additional fan favourites join the chopping block in the weeks ahead.

Movies leaving Netflix in December

The Host (Supplied)

There are a lot of causalities this month, including some firm favourites like the aforementioned crime caper Snatch, eccentric oddity Swiss Army Man, the award-winning drama Chef, fun alien flick The Host and several standout horror movies. Most of these are disappearing in the next few days, so watch them asap before it's too late.

Marmaduke - Dec 16

When the Winslows relocate to the sunny climes of California, their big-hearted Great Dane gets a taste of the ideal dog's life.

Let There Be Evil - Dec 16

While supervising a program for gifted children who wear augmented reality glasses, three chaperones find themselves hunted by their charges.

Victoria and Abdul - Dec 16

A cheerfully naive clerk from India visits England to bestow a gift on Queen Victoria, then strikes up an unlikely friendship with the lonely monarch.

At All Costs - Dec 16

This revealing documentary explores how the high-stakes world of Amateur Athletic Union basketball has professionalized youth sports in America.

Arsenal - Dec 16

When his ne'er-do-well brother is kidnapped and held for ransom by a vicious mobster, an aboveboard businessman is forced to break a few rules.

Swiss Army Man - Dec 16

A washed-up corpse with surprising abilities gives a hopeless man stranded in the wilderness someone to talk to — and a newfound reason to live.

Ballerina - Dec 16

Felicie and Victor, two young friends in 1880s France, escape from an orphanage to pursue their dreams in Paris, the glittering City of Lights.

Bastille Day - Dec 16

After a mix-up lands him in hot water, a skilled pickpocket is forced to help a no-nonsense CIA operative track a terrorist group in Paris.

Chef - Dec 16

After igniting a Twitter war with a well-known culinary critic, a Los Angeles chef packs his knives, heads home to Miami and opens a food truck.

The Boy - Dec 16

A nanny is hired by a couple to look after their boy. She's shocked to learn that her charge is actually a doll that the couple treats like a human.

Discovering Bigfoot - Dec 16

Follow Todd Standing, Dr. Jeff Meldrum and other researchers into the wilderness, where they try to capture definitive proof of Sasquatch's existence.

Employee of the Month - Dec 16

Warehouse workers Vince and Zack compete in a full-on war to be named Employee of the Month and win a date with their dream girl.

Exposed - Dec 16

A young teacher has a brush with the supernatural at a subway station where a police officer is found murdered the following day.

The Host - Dec 16

When an alien race implants a parasite soul named Wanderer into Melanie Stryder's body, she resists the takeover and the two become reluctant allies.

Fair Game - Dec 16

Valerie Plame finds her life, career and marriage in jeopardy when her own government leaks her status as a CIA operative in a political vendetta.

Free State of Jones - Dec 16

In this fact-based drama, a rebellious farmer leads a group of Civil War deserters in a fight to establish a mixed-race free state in the deep South.

Freeway: Crack in the System - Dec 16

Take in the true account of drug kingpin "Freeway" Rick Ross's empire and how the CIA helped him fuel America's devastating crack cocaine epidemic.

Hello, My Name Is Doris - Dec 16

An unassuming 60-year-old who takes a self-help seminar after her mother's death is inspired to be more open and pursue a decades-younger co-worker.

Jigsaw - Dec 16

A string of murders around town shocks investigators when all the evidence points to a serial killer who's been dead for years.

Lessons in Love - Dec 16

A womanizing poetry professor reevaluates his romantic life when he impregnates a graduate student, then falls in love with her sister.

Mr. Gaga: A True Story of Love and Dance - Dec 16

World-renowned choreographer Ohad Naharin is profiled in this vivid documentary that mixes rehearsal footage with insights about his influence.

Snatch - Dec 16

A gangster transporting a stolen gem inadvertently triggers a slew of events that wends through the worlds of bookies, bare-knuckle boxing and swine.

Only the Brave - Dec 16

While others flee fires, the Granite Mountain Hotshots run toward them. A fateful blaze forges an elite firefighting team of heroes in this true tale.

The Precipice Game - Dec 16

A carefree young woman joins her boyfriend on a cruise-ship treasure hunt but soon finds herself in a fight for survival when the game turns deadly.

The Taking Of Deborah Logan - Dec 16

For her Ph.D. thesis, Mia decides to film a woman's Alzheimer's battle, but when symptoms turn strange, the family suspects something more sinister.

Under The Arctic Sky - Dec 16

Six fearless surfers travel to the north coast of Iceland to ride waves unlike anything they've ever experienced, captured with high-tech cameras.

Waiting - Dec 16

Random employees at the restaurant Shenaniganz kill a lot of time — and create drama and laughs — before their real lives get started.

The Wave - Dec 16

A Norwegian geologist has just 10 minutes to save as many people as possible when a tsunami strikes a fjord community.

We Are Your Friends - Dec 16

An ambitious young DJ who knows how to work a crowd puts everything at risk for a budding relationship with his mentor's girlfriend.

Rats - Dec 16

Explore the icky world of rats and witness how their talent for surviving in almost any environment has led to catastrophic events throughout history.

Half Girlfriend - Dec 16

Small-town Madhav falls for big-city Riya and wants her to be his girlfriend. But she views their relationship differently, and suggests a compromise.

The Bye Bye Man - Dec 18

Three college students move into an off-campus house and discover they've unwittingly unleashed a supernatural killer known as the Bye Bye Man.

Miss Stevens - Dec 18

REmotionally vulnerable teacher Rachel accompanies three students to a weekend drama competition and forms an unexpected bond with troubled teen Billy.

Daemonium - Dec 19

In a realm where magic and technology intersect, a shifty, cigar-smoking wizard finds himself in the middle of a war with the powers of hell.

The Angry Birds Movie - Dec 21

Sentenced to anger management class, grumpy Red becomes a hero who trains his fellow birds to unleash their inner fury when pigs invade their island.

TV Shows leaving Netflix in December

Image: Weeds (Supplied)

If you're partway through Weeds or Fargo you're going to have to step things up - every season of both shows will no longer be available from December 31. Old school gamers will also need to bid farewell to the Halo machinima series Red vs. Blue.

  • Top 10 Secrets and Mysteries - 16 Dec
  • Merlin - 16 Dec
  • Call me Francis - 16 Dec
  • Ezel - 25 Dec
  • Kacak - 25 Dec
  • Kurt Seyit & Sura - 25 Dec
  • Mahmut & Meryem - 25 Dec
  • The Real Football Factories - 28 Dec
  • Bat Pat - 30 Dec
  • The Backyardigans - Dec 31
  • Bakugan: Battle Brawlers - Dec 31
  • Beyblade: Metal Fusion - Dec 31
  • Case Closed - Dec 31
  • Continuum - Dec 31
  • Fargo - Dec 31
  • The Future of Water - Dec 31
  • Gunslinger Girl - Dec 31
  • Kikoriki - Dec 31
  • Little Princess - Dec 31
  • Odd Squad - Dec 31
  • Red vs. Blue - Dec 31
  • Weeds - Dec 31
  • Zack & Quack - Dec 31

[Via New On Netflix]


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