Make These Holiday Boozy Balls With Any Liquor

The holidays demand a certain amount of excess, both in terms of sugar and alcohol. To some people, this means something foul like an eggnog Jell-O shot, but we are not some people. Instead, I like to combine a mixture of crushed cookies, pulverised nuts, and any liquor I damn well please to make a decidedly retro confection known as the “boozy ball.”

The most popular iteration is the classic rum ball, but you can switch up the booze, nut, and cookie to create your own bespoke treat. Dry, wafer-like cookies work best, but make sure to have extra on hand, and keep adding crumbs until your “dough” forms a cohesive, moldable mound. Roll up a bunch of balls, toss ‘em in powdered sugar, and serve immediately (or store in the fridge in an airtight container).


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