Lifehacker’s Best Opinion Posts Of 2019

We had a lot of opinions this year, every one of them perfect, but some more perfect than others. The Lifehacker staff talked amongst ourselves and decided these were our best opinion pieces in 2019. Thank you for agreeing.

The Terrible Money Advice You Should Ignore

by Lisa Rowan

“Your regular trips to the coffee shop probably don’t add up to ‘peeing one million dollars down the drain,’ as Suze Orman would like to scare you into thinking.”

Every Sponge Is Bad

by Nick Douglas

“No good sponge can go long without decaying into a bad sponge, for its use inevitably destroys it. Pity the sponge. The better it is, the worse it will be. It is a scapegoat, a sin eater. Perhaps a Christ figure.”

Don’t Be a ‘Reply Guy’

by Claire Lower

“A reply guy, in his simplest form, is a man who replies in the hopes of getting attention, usually making the conversation about himself. Rather than consume, appreciate, and (maybe) retweet content, they have to relate it to their life, experiences, and worldview—they have to make little edits, even though they are not part of the editing process.”

‘Marie Kondo’ Is Not a Verb

by Meghan Moravcik Walbert

“You absolutely cannot ‘Marie Kondo your LinkedIn network in 4 steps.’ No matter how many steps you take, LinkedIn will never spark joy.”

Don’t Sit Next to Your Coworkers on the Plane 

by Joel Kahn

“You will have plenty of time to talk business in all the other parts of your trip where you are forced into company bonding. The flight is your time to watch Mama Mia: Here We Go Again and not think about managing a team.”

These Holidays, Stop Food Shaming

by Beth Skwarecki

“This includes the kids, by the way. They have 364 other days to eat their vegetables. Don’t push them to eat more. Don’t talk about your own food anxieties in front of them. Just let them eat their damn rolls in peace, like everyone else.”

Pie Dough Doesn’t Need to Be Hacked

by A.A. Newton

“Mixing pastry dough could not be simpler; all you’re doing is barely binding cold fat and flour together with a little water.”

Worrying About ‘Bulky’ Muscles on Women Is Some Sexist Bullshit

by Beth Skwarecki

“There are fit women out there with every conceivable body composition. Working out can give you Michelle Obama arms, or it can make you really fucking ripped. Where you land on that spectrum is more or less within your control, but you have to understand how things actually work.”

Have a Successful First Date by Planning the Same Date Every Time

by Joel Kahn

“By always going to the same place (and if you want to take it up a notch, ordering the same thing), you do not need to rely on any unknowns to colour your perception of your new suitor.”

Please feel free to share the many ways you agreed with us this year.


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