Kris Kringle: The Best Secret Santa Gift Ideas Under $10, $30 And $50

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If you're doing the whole Secret Santa thing at work this year, you only have a few more days to get your online orders in (if that). To save you embarking on a fruitless search, here are a handful of solid Kris Kringle gift ideas that you can snap up for as little as $7.

The following products come from Catch and range in price from $6.99 to around $40. We've tried to focus on fun and useful gift ideas along with some endearingly tacky options for office jokesters out there. Here's the list!

Best Secret Santa Gifts Under $10

President Dump Toilet Paper: $6.99

If your Secret Santa recipient is a staunch lefty, this will make their day.

Misfit Ray Fitness Tracker: $28 $7

This is almost certainly awful but at least it looks expensive. (Well, more expensive than $7, anyway.)

Las Vegas Drinking Recipe Cards: $8.99

Contains over 90 popular drink recipes.

Tea-Rex Giant Coffee Mug: $9.99

If your gift recipient doesn't appreciate the above pun, they are unworthy.

Celebrations Gift Pack (320g): $9.99

When inspiration fails, go with an old classic.

Duck With A Dick: $9.99

If you work in a ribald office that loves to take the piss, this could be a fun option. (Just don't blame us if you end up getting a call from the HR department.)

Motion-Activated Toilet Sensor Night Light: $9.99

To go with the Trump toilet paper, natch.

Roll At Home Sushi Maker: $9.99

For the foodie in the office. As an added bonus, they might start making you sushi for lunch.

Best Secret Santa Gifts Under $30

Beckham Intimately for Men (75mL): $40 $14.99

Here's a great option for the office metrosexual. (Or a coworker with extreme BO.)

Mini Arcade Retro Machine: $20

For the gamer in the office. Contains over 200 games!

Tomy KiiPix Smartphone Instant Film Printer: $27

This one is guaranteed to be a big hit during the Christmas work party.

Giant Pineapple Beach Blanket: $29.99

If your coworker has a summer holiday lined up, this is the gift to get.

Best Secret Santa Gifts Under $50

ZOS Halo Wine Preserver System: $38.70

Down from $129! Also contains two refill cartridges.

Gourmet Herb & Spice Collection: $39.99

If you get saddled with an elderly admin person for your Secret Santa, this could be a good option. Includes Onion, Basil, Curry Powder, Rosemary, Chilli, Garlic, Cinnamon, Thyme, Oregano, Pink Himalayan Salt, Paprika and Parsley.

Star Wars Adult Jedi Fleece Bathrobe: $49.95

We're willing to bet there's a die-hard Star Wars fan in your office. (There's one in every workplace.)

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