Grand Big Mac Returns For Hot Bun Summer

Image: Getty Images / McDonald's

If you like your burgers overloaded, you'll be happy to hear the Grand Big Mac is returning for a few months to ruin your summer body. Move over Hot Girl Summer, Hot Bun Summer is here.

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The Grand Big Mac is in stores from 10.30am on Monday 23 December until Tuesday 4 February 2020 if what you've been missing this whole time is smashing an extra patty into your mouth. So, what makes the the Grand Big Mac grand? Well, unlike the regular Big Mac, it comes with two larger beef patties. That means a whole lotta extra beef to fill yourself up on.

The rest of the ingredients include the usual suspects: the Big Mac's special sauce, lettuce, melted cheese, and more pickles all served on a bigger sesame seed bun.

You can have your chance at nabbing the burger in-stores, through the mymaccas's app and via McDelivery while stocks last.

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