Use These Transcriptionists Instead Of Rev

Use These Transcriptionists Instead Of Rev
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Like less than $7 an hour. Luckily, there are ways to find and hire a human transcriptionist directly, without paying more money.

I love the Rev platform, and I’ve recommended it on this site. But it feels ridiculous to hand $150 to a platform that pays a transcriptionist as little as $45. Plus I didn’t like learning that when I submit audio, it’s available to thousands of people until someone accepts the job transcribing it. So I looked for ways to hire transcriptionists directly.

  • Study Hall Transcribers: The media newsletter and community lists over 50 transcriptionists, with base rates starting at $1/minute. To email them all, you can send a job description to [email protected] Or pick someone and email directly.

  • Resource for Podcasters (Accessibility tab): Podcasting journalist Wil Williams lists a dozen transcriptionists and automated services (see more below), with email and Twitter contact info.

  • Transcription Network: A transcriptionist who wrote about Rev’s pay cut is building a database of transcriptionists for hire. Sign up to get an email when it goes live.

Sometimes you only need a rough transcription for internal use. These automated services are more error-prone than human transcribers, especially if your recording quality isn’t great. But they’re very helpful for taking automatic notes.

Unhappy Rev customers are also signing a petition to ask Rev to raise wages.