The Samsung Galaxy S10 Is Finally Worth Buying

The Samsung Galaxy S10 Is Finally Worth Buying
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As we recently demonstrated, most people do not need to fork out for a high-end smartphone. But dang if they aren’t beautiful to look at.

One of the best of the bunch is Samsung’s Galaxy S10 – and it’s currently going for surprisingly cheap on the Telstra network. For a limited time, you can score $648 off the RRP with plans starting at just $80 per month. Here are the details!

Testra is knocking $648 off S10 handset repayments when you sign up to any of its available plans. This works out to a monthly discount of $27 which is not too shabby at all. As an added bonus, Telstra is including a free pair of Galaxy Buds valued at $249 if you sign up before November 25.

Here are the available plans:

For our money, the best deal here is the $90 plan which nets you 60GB of data per month. It was not so long ago that you’d be paying those sort of prices on Telstra without a phone, so this is a very solid deal.

If you want to save a few bucks, the $80 plan is also a pretty good option. Just be mindful that the data is capped at 15GB. If you watch a lot of online video while commuting and whatnot, that’s not going to get you very far.

Here’s how those deals compare to similar plans from rival telcos.

Incidentally, Telstra has dispensed with lock-in contracts, which means you don’t have to stick with the plan for the full 24 months if you don’t want to. (You will naturally need to pay what’s remaining on the phone if you cancel before it’s paid off, however.)

As for the phone itself, the S10 comes packed with all the bells and whistles you’d expect from a flagship in this price range. This includes a curved Dynamic AMOLED display, an ultrasonic fingerprint scanner, three rear-facing cameras (12MP telephoto, 12MP wide-angle and 16MP ultra-wide), 8GB memory and a 3400mAh battery. You can check out the full range of specs and features here.


  • Just to say you can get s10 on vodafone $45 and you get 40 gb or something like that and then aftet that its unlimited data a capped speed which is still fast enough to stream sd shows. So thats $45 for the plan and i think the fone is $20 something a month which is like $65 -$70 a month but with unlimited internet so i think that shits all over the other telcos im on t he $50 plan and i get like $80gb at max speed then after that i get capped and i used the 80gb in about a week so if u think a measly 40gb a month is enough then you may be in for a surprise i also got the s1o with tge bonus earbuds yada yada its been a few months already so this news is like relevant t ok who really

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