Brace Yourselves – TV Streaming Is About To Get Ridiculously Expensive

Brace Yourselves – TV Streaming Is About To Get Ridiculously Expensive
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There are currently four main streaming services in Australia: Netflix, Stan, Foxtel Now and Amazon Prime Video. There’s also Apple TV+ and – in a few short days – Disney Plus.

But that’s not all. In addition to all of the above, there are smaller, more niche services like Hayu, 10 All Access and YouTube Premium – all of which contain original programming you can’t watch anywhere else.

Australia’s streaming market is about to get a whole lot more crowded. While each service isn’t that expensive individually, once you bundle up all the options, it gets completely ridiculous. For anyone wanting a piece of all the exclusive content, that’s very bad news.

In the interest of public service journalism, we decided to crunch the numbers for you to better understand what the future of streaming is going to cost you. (Spoiler: It’s a lot.)

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How much does Netflix, Stan, Foxtel Now and Amazon Prime Video cost in Australia?

Let’s say you want to join all the major services on the cheapest price available. A Netflix Basic account is $9.99, Stan’s is $10, Foxtel Now’s entry offering sets you back $25 while Amazon Prime Video is $6.99. That’s $51.98 per month. Adding Disney+ for $8.99 and Apple for $7.99 will bring the total up to $68.96.

So, it’s nearly $70 per month to join each service if you want to watch content for days.

Those basic subscriptions on Stan or Netflix, however, only let you use a single screen at once and don’t come with basic HD, which is pretty rubbish in 2019. You’ll want to upgrade. So, while the rest of the subscriptions will stay the same, upgrading Netflix and Stan to the mid-tier offering will add another $8. Now, you’re at $76.96.

At this point, you may as well get the top offering on both so tack on another $9 to that figure; $83.96. But then there’s Foxtel, which has multiple add-on packs. If you were to add on every pack, including drama, kids, sports, docos and movies, it goes from $25 to a colossal $104 per month. Adding that onto your monthly figure and you’re now at $162.96.

How much do the other streaming services cost?

That’s just the major streaming options. Hayu is $6.99, 10 All Access is $9.99 per month and YouTube Premium is $14.99. In total, those three options amount to $31.97. For fun, let’s tack that amount onto your maxed-out streaming figure from the major sites. You’re now looking at $194.93 per month to sign up to all of Australia’s streaming services with premium subscriptions. Not bhed.

Here’s the total price breakdown for each service:

Australian streaming service pricing

Netflix Stan Foxtel Now Amazon Prime Disney+ Apple TV+ Hayu 10 All Access YouTube Premium
$9.99 – $19.99 $10 – $17 $25 – $104 $6.99 $8.99 $7.99 $6.99 $9.99 $14.99

Of course, it’s not likely you’ll join all these services at once but with them all offering juicy exclusive shows in order to grab your attention and your money, it’s going to be tough to prioritise. Thankfully, most of the services allow you to stream with multiple screens at once meaning you can share the cost (hopefully) with friends or family, bringing a $10 per month service down to $5 or $2.50.

Personally, I have a subscription to the major four but I share that cost with someone else. After signing up during promo specials, my monthly bill isn’t too bad, which is pretty great given the amount of content I can access. When Apple TV+ and Disney+ are introduced, however, I’ll have to consider whether signing up to those is tipping the scales too far.

We’re still getting more content than ever before, but as we start reaching similar costs to cable TV prices, have we lost the point of introducing affordable streaming in the first place? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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  • And that’s on top of all the other streaming/subscription services for music, podcasts, books, food, loot crates, etc. etc.

    May as well just stream my income directly to them all.

  • It actually gets worse because that’s just entertainment streaming. Also may have subscription to consoles like PS Plus, Xbox, Nintendo Switch. EA now has subscription. Then utilities like Google Drive, Dropbox, Microsoft 365, Adobe. Then other subscriptions such as physical ones for example the GYM and others. Even the subscriptions you have forgotten about. Everyone is doing the subscription thing and think if people were to see all there subscriptions on one page, be in a world of shock. In saying that, will be adding Disney+ haha.

    • … most of those are multi-nationals that offshore credit card charge for services, pay only GST, and tax haven all the profit. So that’s money not even in circulation in Australia’s economy.

  • And just like that piracy rates doubled again!

    The companies seriously need to stop and think about what people want and are willing (and able) to spend on it. Netflix was a great deal when it had (almost) all the content. But if it’s only say 50% of the content the price needs to reflect that. Same with the other streaming companies. If the Disney one was less than $5 a month *maybe* it’d be ok. But $9 a month is too much. Same with the others.

    Similarly, Foxtel needs to stop gating some of their content behind extra purchases. If I just want say sport then why can’t I *just* buy sport? Why do I need to buy a basic pack then add it on? Either that or the basic pack needs to drop to practically nothing.

      • Thanks for that. Pity its $25 a month ($35 for premium). I assume (from the sparse information on their site) that premium just ads an extra screen? They’re not gating content?

  • “Hayu is $6.99, 10 All Access is $9.99 per month and YouTube Premium is $14.99. In total, those three options amount to $56.97.”

    How on earth do the three come to $56.97?
    Hayu $6.99
    YouTube Premium $14.99
    10 All Access $9.99
    TOTAL $31.97
    So where does the other $25 go???

    And wouldn’t that affect your claimed total for all of $219.93, making it $194.93? You better change your headline.

    • Hi, thanks for pointing that out. We originally had Kayo’s basic package in there but made an editorial decision to exclude it seeing as the Foxtel package comes with sports. We have updated the figures to reflect the cost.

  • Oh what “First-World Problems”! – Seriously guys, you’ve all sounding like a bunch of entitled pricks. If you really don’t want to miss out on every single piece of content, then sure, got and subscribe to them all. For the rest of us that don’t need to be subscribed to every piece of entertainment under the sun, we’ll just pick and choose what we want and when we can afford it. To be completely fair on the studios, they have brought us exactly what we wanted, direct and accessible access to the content on whatever device we like, when we want it, and in reasonable quality as well. To assume that they would give up their advantage by sharing out their content is stupid as a business model, and without them bringing ads back into the mix (which we don’t want), then the subscription model is the best thing going at this point. How about we all just be a little bit grateful that we can now stream most content that we used to have to either legally buy on DVD or Bluray or otherwise painstakingly pirate, and for very little effort on our part. /endrant

    • You completely miss the problem. It’s not possible to watch the content that people want all in one place, or even two or three anymore. They’re making it necessary to pay more for what we essentially got from one or two providers in the past.

      This is about users getting screwed by corporations who just care about profit.

  • I used to subscribe to Netflix until I realized I was watching Youtube more, so I cancelled the Netflix and subscribed to youtube.
    I also play WoW and subscribe to Office 365.
    I used to subscribe to Stan until I got sick of The Flash.
    A consideration is the time you spend in an evening, you can’t watch everything.

  • Now make an article comparing all of the above mentioned streaming services as some of them I have never heard of or know what is good in them.

    For me personally I have no clue what Amazon Prime Video, Hayu, Kayo or Disney Plus would contain.

    I guess we are not gonna include crunchy roll or international streaming options into this like TFC or Flip TV’s offerings to name a few.

    Great article though.

    I dipped my toes in with Netflix a few years ago.

    Have gotten value out of it but considering Amazon and Hayu because they look so cheap.

    Thanks again for the article.

    • Amazon Prime is worth it if you buy things on Amazon, particularly stock held in the US, as Primes gives free postage on some items, with conditions of course, but the minimum spend is not bad, and a couple of US or even local purchases a year would soon put you in front. But on its own? Check it out.first, as it may not suit everyone. It also gives access to music (IMHO its not up to much) and games.

  • If you are prepared to wait for content, just subscribe to each supplier round-robin one month at a time, checking out near the end of the month which supplier has the most suitable content for the next month.

    Each supplier just doesn’t have the range of content now to have more than one per month. We used to have Netflix all the time and do Stan or Prime for a month every so often. However, Netflix has lost a lot of programming so they are not likely to be the full-time supplier for us ongoing.

    A good thing about Stan has been that if you hadn’t subscribed to them for a few months, your id dropped off their system, so you could do the free month again.

  • I don’t panic over this stuff. Keep an eye on what’s on each service semi-regularly, pay for a month here and there which is generally long enough for me to watch something if I really want to. The only subscription I keep running month to month is my Netflix account, and mostly because that is shared between a couple people. It really doesn’t have to cost a lot. I figure it costs me more to go out to the movies than it does to pay for a years worth of sub fees.

  • I subscribe to Amazon because I want it for the delivery.
    Other than that I just sign up to a free month of Stan or Netflix when there is something I absolutely can’t miss.

    I’m definitely interested in Disney+ if I can get it fairly cheap though.

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