See What’s Coming To Disney Plus Before It Launches

See What’s Coming To Disney Plus Before It Launches
Screenshot: David Murphy

The launch date is almost here. Australians have less than a week until Disney’s big Netflix rival streaming service kicks off. Here are all the geeky TV shows and animated movies you won’t be able to find anywhere else.

PSA: Disney Plus Launch Delayed In Australia

If you were planning to join Disney+ today to watch the new Star Wars saga The Mandalorian, we have some bad news for you. Australia isn't actually getting the service today. Unfortunately, Aussie Star Wars fans are being forced to wait a little longer. Here are the details.

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While we’ve known what many of the launch-day movies and shows are going to be for some time, it’s one thing to look at a boring bulleted list to try to find your favourites. I prefer JustWatch’s new Disney Plus guide instead, which dumps most of the Disney Plus titles into a visually pleasing, easy-to-browse database.

ImageJustWatch” loading=”lazy” > Screenshot: David Murphy, JustWatch

What you won’t find on JustWatch’s guide are any new shows or movies that have yet to actually be shown anywhere. In other words, The Mandalorian won’t appear on the list until its actual debut — sorry, fans of Fett.

For any films or shows that already exist, you’ll be able to click through to see all the usual information you’d want to know about something you’re contemplating watching. That includes the film or show’s synopsis, ratings from services like IMDB or Rotten Tomatoes, the cast, a list of places where you can purchase the film or show, and the runtime. You can even add shows and movies to a watchlist, if you create a JustWatch account, to help you keep track of everything in your (mental) queue.

And, of course, you’ll be able to search for other content to watch by its release year, genre, rating, or type — a movie or a TV show, for example. I’ve found JustWatch’s search capabilities to be far more useful than anything a streaming service typically offers, even though you’re much more likely to pull up a streaming service and lazily browse through show, after movie, after show, to find something to watch.

If you can break yourself of that habit, JustWatch’s guide is a great companion for Disney+ (or any of the other major streaming services).

Editor’s Note: It’s not yet known whether Disney’s entire U.S. line-up will be available on the Australian version of Disney+, but stay tuned for more information closer to the local launch on November 19.


  • I’ll be boycotting this. I don’t want the companies to all follow this example so we wind up with a dozen streaming providers we have to pay for.

    If they continued to license their content to other providers like Netflix, Amazon etc I’d be less upset because you’d still have choice in the market. But the way they’re going that won’t be the case 🙁

      • I don’t like that a content provider is the content producer. I’m not that keen on Netflix making their own content either to be honest. It means they can hold the content hostage. And frankly the more content they have the worse the scenario becomes. If it’s just animated kids stuff it may not appeal so skipping it isn’t a big deal. But the more content they control the more chance there is of being forced to choose between signing up or missing out (or committing piracy).

        I wouldn’t have minded having multiple streaming providers is they were separate from the producers and they had a real chance of licensing content (no exclusive deals). That way you could have had providers who focused on a content stream (like superhero movies, or kids animation) so they might be attractive to a particular audience. But you wouldn’t be restricted to only picking them.

        So in that ideal world, Netflix and Amazon could both license and stream Avengers and so could “superherostreams” and Disney and anyone else who chose to pay Disney a license fee. And at that point the customer looks at the price and the content available and makes a decision who to go with. Rather than going “Oh the only provider with Avengers is Disney”.

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